Packages and pricing

We’ve done the hard work for you and put together a number of pottery painting packages with the prices quoted including all costs (no hidden charges or extra fees for accessories, glazing or kiln firing!)

All our packages have a theme and include either a variety of items to paint or the same single item – put together as 5 or 10 item packages. Alternatively, design your own package or we’ll develop a bespoke one for you.


The cost is entirely dependent on you and what you would like to paint. Packages can be designed for you from as little as £6 per head. Once we’ve clarified all your details and agreed the size of the pieces, and the number of painters or ceramic pieces being painted, we’ll confirm your all inclusive cost before you place an order.


Combination packages

The combination package offers 5 pieces of alternative bisque which allows some choice for children if the package is booked for a party or play date.  The package also allows you to purchase if you are just looking to spend some time with your own children and wish to create the items together over a period of time as you will be left with a collection to display. Our most popular package prices start at £13 per head.

‘Safari Time’ package

Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Safari Package

Perfectly proportioned safari animals which can go on display in a child’s bedroom or playroom.

The £13 per head package includes:

  • Elephant
  • Lion
  • Giraffe
  • Monkey
  • Alligator

‘Garden Fun’ package

Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Garden Fun Package

Perfect for decorating the garden and adding further colour.

The £13 per head package includes:

  • Butterfly
  • Caterpillar
  • Snail
  • Ladybird
  • Sunflower

‘Boytime’ package

Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Boytime Package

Designed with boys in mind this £15 per head package includes:

  • Stegosauras bank
  • Racing car
  • Football shirt pen holder
  • Robot
  • Train

‘Love to Dance’ package

Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Love To Dance Package

Great for those who are in dance groups or just love to dance.

The £15 per head package includes:

  • ‘Dance’ word plaque
  • ‘Dream’ word plaque
  • Ballet slippers figurine
  • Photo frame
  • Heart box

‘Girls Hangout’ package

Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Girls Hangout Package

Perfect for those girls turning into young ladies.

The £15 per head package includes:

  • ‘LOL’ word plaque
  • ‘OMG’ word plaque
  • Sneaker bank
  • Photo frame
  • Heart box

‘Garden Time’ package

Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Garden Time Package

Ideal for those wanting to decorate their garden ready for spring and summer time.

The £16 per head package includes:

  • Birdhouse
  • Gnomeboy
  • Scalloped edge flower pot
  • Medium flower pot with saucer
  • Star jar lantern

‘Party Platter’ package

Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Party Platter Package

If you like to host a party then this package is ideal as it allows you to create your own pattern and style at a fraction of the cost.

The £16 per head package includes:

  • Chip and dip server
  • Heart plate
  • Pitcher
  • Sandwich tray
  • Large serving bowl

‘Family Garden’ package

Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Family Garden Package

A larger package offering a minimum of 10 bisque items to decorate your garden ready for spring and summer time.

The £15 per head package includes:

  • Flower pot with scalloped edge
  • Birdhouse
  • Large flower pot with saucer
  • Medium flower pot with saucer
  • Star jar lantern
  • Sunflower
  • Caterpillar
  • Ladybird
  • Snail
  • Butterfly

‘Family Feast’ package

Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Family Feast Package

A larger package offering a minimum of 10 bisque items to get family and friends decorating their own tableware for those special family meals and gatherings.

The £14 per head package includes:

  • Chip and dip server
  • Heart plate
  • Pitcher
  • Sandwich tray
  • Serving bowl
  • Teacup and saucer
  • Tea for one set
  • Travel beaker with lid
  • Shoe wine bottle holder
  • Regular 12oz mug

‘Family Hometime’ package

Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Family Hometime Package

A larger package offering a minimum of 10 bisque items to decorate and find purpose within a family home.

The £15 per head package includes:

  • Classic vase
  • Shabby chic vase
  • Pitcher
  • Teacup and saucer
  • Heart plate
  • Tea for one set
  • Photo frame
  • Heart box
  • ‘Dream’ word plaque
  • Castle mug with either princess or dragon

Same piece packages

The same piece package is available as 5 or 10 identical items of bisque in a variety of themes, choose from:

‘Madhatters Tea Party’ £15 per head package (teacups and saucers) – perfect for those little ones who like to ‘be like mam’ and have their drinks in a cup and saucer which they have decorated themselves or for those adults who would like afternoon tea to be even more special.

‘Potting About’ £14 per head package (plant pots and trays) – why not add your own decoration to these plant pots and trays for your garden or home.

‘Birdwatch’ £18 per head package (birdhouses) a great addition to the garden for decoration or to mount to a garden wall for bird watching.

‘Photo Time’ £16 per head package (6x4 photoframe) – a great way to display your family photographs.

‘Castle Mug’ £15 per head package (castle mug with princess or dragon) – children of all ages will enjoy these caste mugs with an addition of a princess or a dragon.

‘Ballet Time’ £13 per head package (Ballet Slippers) – perfect for those budding ballerinas.

‘Train Time’ £14 per head package (trains) – great for girls and boys alike – decorate in their favourite colours or to look like a character from Thomas and Friends.

‘Stegosaurus Bank’ £15 per head package (stegosaurus bank) – great for all ages and a perfect savings bank for a rainy day. Also available as Brontosaurus and T-Rex.

‘Sneaker Bank’ £15 per head package (sneaker bank) – a great chance to design your own sneakers.

‘Heart Keepsake’ £14 per head package (heart shaped box) – a great way to store those special items or a perfect present for a friend or loved one.

Football Shirt Pen Holder’ £15 per head package (football shirt pen holder) – these are perfect for any desk and can be decorated in your team’s favourite colours. A great idea for a Fathers Day gift or birthday present.

‘Travel Beaker’ £15 per head package (travel beaker with lid) – an ideal coffee and tea holder for making those long car journeys or for walks with the pushchairs. A good size for children’s handprints prints makes this an ideal gift.

‘Tea For One’ £16 per head package (cup, teapot and lid) – a lovely piece which separates into a cup, teapot and lid.

‘Wine O’Clock Time’ £16 per head package (large shoe to display standard bottle of wine) – these novelty shoe wine bottle holders would be great for a girls night in or even for a special 18th birthday present. Sorry ladies, wine is not included!

‘Shabby Chic Vase’ £18 per head package (shabby chic vase) – a great way to display flowers within your home or garden.

‘Classic Vase’ £16 per head package (classic vase) – a perfect decoration to any home in a classic shape and size.

Hexagonal Vase’ £17 per head package (hexagonal vase) – beautiful vase for decoration or for displaying a larger bunch of flowers.

‘Brew Time’ £13 per head package (12oz mug) – nothing better than to drink your tea or coffee from a traditional mug which has been decorated lovingly, makes an ideal gift!

‘Pitcher’ £17 per head package (pitcher/jug, 1 litre capacity) – perfect for those get togethers and a great display of your artwork.

‘Large Potting’ £16 per head package (plant pot and saucer) – a great way to decorate your home or garden with these larger flower pots and saucers.

Angel Crafts FAQs

What is included in the package?

Each package will include the following:

Pottery pieces;

The use of Angel Crafts specialist paints (minimum 10 colours per package), paintbrushes, sponges, paint palettes, water containers, aprons and tablecloth;

A colour chart for the paints to represent the colours after glazing and firing, and an instruction guide;

Angel Crafts glazing and kiln firing your pottery pieces;

Angel Crafts delivering and collecting your packages and the finished pottery pieces.

Why choose a package?

The packages are ready made for you with all of the items carefully selected within a particular theme or perhaps an age range.  The pricing structure has been well thought out allowing the pottery painting packages to be an affordable option as well as all of the other benefits that come from the pottery painting craft.

Price comparisons were undertaken taking into account the pottery items available to paint and their uses and likeability and reducing other costs such as parking charges, studio rental fees and minimum spend fees.

Can I create my own package?

If you’re looking for an alternative to the combination or same piece packages we have a huge selection of other bisques to choose from – just ask if you have something in my mind!

These can be added to the other packages, or you can select a variety package of those pieces which you like.

We will confirm all prices up front allowing you to still retain the benefit of the package options.

What costs are involved?

The prices are confirmed within the package lists and are calculated per head / bisque item.

The packages will be supplied as a 5 or 10 person / bisque package with the option of adding singular items if required.  The pricing would be confirmed within our confirmation email following any enquiry and there would be no hidden costs as Angel Crafts would allow for additional paint, accessories etc. within their confirmation.

As a mobile company the prices include free delivery and collection in the loca area.

Are other options available?

The options provided are our most popular packages and have been designed specifically for certain themes, age groups and to maintain interest.

With such a large selection of bisque there are smaller items which can be offered– such as tiles or coasters – and these prices can start from £6.00 per head.

Do I need to pay for delivery?

Free delivery and collection is available in the following areas:

Birtley, Lamesley, Kibblesworth, Springwell, Wrekenton, Low Fell, Gateshead centre, Washington, Chester le Street, Ouston, Pelton and Beamish.

An additional £1.00 per head / bisque item for delivery and collection to the following areas:

Stanley, Sunniside, Whickham, Blaydon, Winlaton, Rowlands Gill, Burnopfield, Sacriston, Houghton le Spring, Boldon, Jarrow, Hebburn, Newcastle centre, Byker;

An additional £2.00 per head / bisque item for delivery and collection to the following areas:

Annfield Plain, Sacriston, Durham centre, Langley Park, Lanchester, South Shields, Sunderland centre;

An additional £3.00 per head / bisque item for delivery and collection to the following areas:

Consett, Crawcrook, Whitburn, Seaham, Long Benton, Forest Hall, Killingworth, North Shields, Tynemouth, Whitley Bay, Wideopen

Please note:

Angel Crafts offer packages to locations outside of the areas listed above – please contact us to discuss pricing.

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