Arts and crafts for adults and families

Are you looking into spending more time with your friends or wanting to consider something different for a coffee morning or afternoon tea? Are you considering a baby shower or organising a hen party or special birthday get together? Perhaps you’re hoping to bring your family together and allow your children to spend more time with their grandparents. You may be looking to visit a relative in a residential home and wish to take the package along to allow more time to be spent together rather than a simple catch up within a communal lounge.

Clubs and groups

Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Clubs and Groups

Are you a member of a Residents Group or Sports Club and looking to offer something different at your meetings or social afternoons?

Add some creativity and give your members the opportunity of creating their own masterpiece or a gift for a loved one. You may wish to organise regular sessions where a specific item is painted by all members and their collection grows.

Angel Crafts can create a perfect package for you!

Residential/nursing homes

Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Nursing Home

Are you a manager or events organiser within a residential or care home?

Angel Crafts offer creative activities that will provide many benefits to your residents.

We have a wide selection of homeware and gardenware items which would be perfect objects to paint and keep or give as gifts to family and friends.

Pottery painting is a great way for residents to spend time together!

Your workplace

Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Workplace

Are you the owner or events organiser of a business and looking for an alternative activity for your staff?

Help your team unwind and destress with a pottery painting session!

You could explore creating pieces that can be used in the office, such as personalised mugs or coasters.

At Christmas you may wish staff to create their own bauble to hang from the office tree.

Check out our suggested packages – if you have something specific in mind please let us know.

Seasonal themes

Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Seasonal Themes

Offered throughout the year will be themed packages – a great reason to organise an event to get friends and family together at these special times.

The final pieces can be gifts or decorative items for that time of year, for example:

  • Easter and Christmas
  • Father’s and Mother’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day.

Pottery painted gifts

Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Adult Gifts

Are you looking for a unique and personal gift?

When a special time of year comes around, for example a family birthday or anniversary, a hand painted pottery piece can make a fantastic present – especially when they are made by children for those relatives who will undoubtedly treasure them.

If you are looking for something a little different please contact us to find out more.

Other themes

Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Other Themes
If you’re looking for something a little different please get in touch and Angel Crafts will be happy to develop a bespoke theme or package to suit your needs.

All packages are offered on a ‘do it yourself’ basis. I am able to offer this as careful thought has been provided to each of the packages and consideration has been taken as to what people may need or require.  Angel Crafts is very much about the social aspect of crafts and getting the most out of not only the craft but those partaking. By offering the packages on a ‘do it yourself’ basis there are no time restraints involved so you can be as social as you like with friends and family and it allows you to mix pottery painting with eating and drinking or any other activity which you may enjoy.  There are no restrictions with time or conversations.

The delivery and/or collection of the packages will be arranged with you at the time of booking. You may be hosting your pottery painting within a venue so there may be more options in terms of the delivery and collection which can be discussed. If you would like to discuss the possibility of organising a ‘hosted party’ with myself in attendance, I am more than happy to discuss further with you.

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