Pottery Painting and Crafts to your home, workplace, event or party

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Arts and crafts for children
Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Schools and Nurseries
Are you thinking of ideas for your children’s birthday party or considering what to do with your children over the holiday period? Are you tired of the manic soft play and the same old crafts?
Adults and families
Angel Crafts Pottery Painting Adults and Families
Are you looking into spending more time with your friends or family? Are you considering a baby shower, organising a hen party, special birthday get together or an activity with your work colleagues?
Other crafts
Angel Crafts Pottery Painting
Doing crafts is a great way to enhance creativity and learn new skills. Angel Crafts can offer alternative crafts packages that continue to focus on the social aspect of spending time with family and friends.

A little bit about Angel Crafts

We are a mobile pottery painting service operating across the North East of England – our aim is to make pottery painting accessible to all.

Our offer and packages focus on choice, flexibility, social enjoyment, learning, creativity and value for money.

Pottery painting is a very relaxed form of craft providing an opportunity to create masterpieces without requiring the skills of an artist… if you can hold a paintbrush you can pottery paint!

Mobile and flexible

At Angel Crafts we hand deliver and collect everything you need. As a mobile company we can offer great flexibility, built around you – our valued customers.

No hidden fees

We are proud at Angel Crafts to say that we have no minimum spend or no minimum person policies and our mileage pricing is clear and transparent.

Social focus

Angel Crafts provide you with the opportunity to spend precious time with your family and friends – something so simple can bring many benefits and memories.

DBS and insurance

Angel Crafts have the appropriate Public Liability Insurance and DBS checks in place – copies can be made available upon request.

What our customers are saying about us

“I am not artistic and have never tried pottery painting before. I am so pleased with the vase that I painted – the colours are bright and I even attempted painting flowers. I am going to place the vase on my kitchen windowsill.  I really enjoyed painting as it was very relaxing and it was nice to see how my sisters items turned out also.”  Renee
“I loved painting my Owl mug and seeing how it turned out after it was glazed and put back in the kiln. It is so pretty and I can’t wait to use it.” Tilly, aged 10
“It was lovely spending time with my sisters whilst the grandchildren were at school and doing something creative.  I fell in love with the rocking horse and am really pleased with how it turned out. It will now sit in my living room for everybody to see.  I’m looking forward to painting again.”  Kath
“I can’t wait for Daisy the Dog to use the dog bowl that I painted.”  Erin, aged 4
“It was hard to choose what to paint as there was a lot of choice but I am pleased with my jug and how it turned out.  It was nice to think about something different for 3 hours and take my time painting a jug which I will use in the house.”  Teresa
“It was nice to spend time with my friend painting.”  Molly, aged 11

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Angel Crafts - making pottery painting accessible to all.  

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